The Company “Immigration for you” was founded in 2003 when Gerrit took the decision to leave the Department of Home Affairs after being employed with them for a period of approximately 20 years. During the period that Gerrit spent with Home Affairs, he achieved many successes, one of which was the opening of a new office in Caledon, serving an area of approximately 24 000 square kilometres. With sheer dedication and commitment, Gerrit ensured that this office was able to perform all relative functions within a short period of time. It is with this same dedication and commitment that “Immigration for you” performs its duties.

Gerrit, The Executive Member, is a qualified and registered Immigration Practitioner with approximately 10 years of immigration experience in his midst, and who is also acquainted with the consideration of applications. There are also other members with approximately 15 years of experience in immigration and a thorough knowledge of the Immigration Act, Regulations, Policies and the practical processing of applications, available for assistance at any given point.

During its short period of existence, this company has achieved many of its own successes. As such, and to date, this company has had no failure in any of the various forms of applications submitted, locally, nationally and abroad. Besides the knowledge, this success has been achieved by ensuring that every application to be submitted is prepared in a professional manner, thoroughly supported and well presented. It is these achievements that have enabled this company to establish its client base, solely by word of mouth!

The aim is to keep the current work strategy in place and strive to become a predominant role player in Immigration, both locally and internationally!