The Team

Gerrit Janse van Rensburg : Founder and Executive Member
Gerrit worked for the Department of Home Affairs for almost twenty years, at least 10 of which were spent in Immigration. He ran the newly established office in Caledon for 3 years and also acted in various other key positions from time to time. His successes and achievements in doing this are well documented within Home Affairs and prove his drive to perfection and service delivery.

Wanda Janse van Rensburg : Financial Manager
Wanda has worked in a financial capacity for at least 10 years and during this period, has proven that she has the ability to run a perfect and faultless section. She has, since the inception of the company, assisted in various administrative functions and has created and implemented various strategies to ensure a fine service.

The team consists of 3 Senior managers with 10 capable and hardworking ladies

Additional Services
• SAQA - South African Qualifications Authority
• Translations - Various links or contacts for these services are provided
• Salary Benchmarking
• Chartered Accountants Certificate
• Legalisation of clients in terms of the stipulations of the Immigration Act
• Urgent Applications